Sunday, July 2, 2017

What Makes Me Angry About This World? Uh, This Is Probably You.....

This piece of lettering is going on my Facebook page,
Every Slaughterhouse A Center For Healing

So, I've joined a 7 day blog writing challenge with a site called Live Your Legend. And today's writing prompt is "What makes you angry about the world?" And here is my answer.

There sure is a lot, but for me there is one thing  that tops the list. That is, that anyone can justify eating meat or dairy. We all know what goes on and still people continue to eat meat. They say, "I don't want to know! ---Whine!" They don't want to know so that they can keep eating something that is unhealthy, unsustainable and comes from one of the most vicious and cruel industries ever dreamed up in the mind of man. And don't believe for a second words like "humane" slaughter (what's that anyway?) free range (one open window in an airplane hangar filled with 100,000 chickens) or organic (only pertains to the food the animals are given. Has nothing to do with how the animals are treated) that these words mean anything. They don't. They are used to help relieve the consumer of their guilty conscience and placate them into believing that the meat they are eating isn't the product of what would be deemed criminal acts in any other context, such as: rape, kidnapping, imprisonment against one's will, torture, life-long misery and murder.

And the thing that really makes me even angrier are the people who cry and wail about dogs and cats who are treated with barbaric cruelty because they are considered meat in other cultures WITHOUT EVER SEEING THAT THEY, THEMSELVES, ARE GUILTY OF THE SAME CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS.

Okay, sorry, for yelling.

People who have no problem crying over the dogs and cats of say, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, for example, while eating a burger.

Or maybe they care about breed specific legislation that targets Pit Bulls, or spay and neuter initiatives, or back yard breeders who keep using their animals to make babies for profit while thousands and thousands of homeless, yet healthy animals are euthanized in shelters across the country every week. Or they care about the environment, without ever making the connection that the meat and dairy industry practices are the biggest cause of environmental damage around the world. Or they care about the whales. The dolphins. The tigers. The elephants. The macaques. The orangutans. The badgers. There are literally hundreds of animal causes out there and many of the people who care so deeply about these various animal populations seem to not make any connection to the idea that ALL animals deserve love, respect, protection and safety. That would really need to include the poor, miserable and forgotten animals that are considered to be food.

One of the worst culprits of this incredible myopic selfishness and cognitive dissonance are people who claim to be feminists! Like environmentalists, feminists believe in rights for all, unless they happen to want a burger. Then ideas about "rights" tend to fly right out the window. That burger used to be an animal and allow me to break it to you..... that animal had no rights. None at all according to any law on the books, in fact. A "feminist" who eats meat and dairy (very conveniently) overlooks the fact that nearly all of the animals exploited for so-called food are females whose reproductive organs are raped and robbed. In case you didn't know, here is one example of how it all goes down for making a glass of milk:  female cows are locked into things called "rape racks,"an actual industrial term. A man with a latex glove up to his shoulder inseminates her. She gets pregnant. She gives birth. Her baby is taken from her within hours. They don't tell you this, but mother cows grieve terribly and will bellow and cry for days on end for their babies who were taken from them. The mother cow is milked for all she's worth on automatic machines, which causes pain by the way! And....she is constantly kept pregnant. Constantly. The babies who are girls are raised to be milk cows. The boys are tied down in crates so they can't move; this makes them "tender." In Hawaii, the boys are just thrown, alive, off cliffs into ravines to die. And then you get to drink their mother's milk!

Makes me ask the question: "What the hell, people?"

If a person cares about justice, then it's reasonable to expect them to, about justice. And justice does not stop being important while that person eats their selfish-sandwich for lunch.

Do you find this offensive? I  would only propose that you ask yourself this, "Why do I find it offensive to have my attention drawn to an issue of grave injustice and danger to animals and humans alike, rather than feel offended by an industry that makes gajillions of dollars off of me and others by lying to us about so many things?"

Seriously. Go vegan already. There's no reason not to and literally millions of reasons to do it.

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