Sunday, November 22, 2009

Addicted to Twitter....there are worse things

Hi beautiful people! I was right! I cannot stop twittering! It is addictive. I have all these followers suddenly....ok, maybe not hundreds, but 10...and I didn't know any of them before today! I love this! Come follow me! I'm the pied piper!

Anyway, also, very excited to report that I have two more items on my etsy shop. That makes 8. I'm still making the product and so far they are all earrings for pierced ears, but I have a couple of clip-ons planned. Have a look. Then go back and look again tomorrow. I am really excited about these lovelies that I have been busy as a beaver with in my studio. Click the photos for link to that item. Or just go to and look at 'em all! Or, heck, click on the ad to the right...that is a crazy free ad service that links directly to my etsy shop.

I wonder if I will be up again all night tonight......if so, you can count on a wee hour of the morning post! We shall see....we shall see.....

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