Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Started A New Page On Facebook EverySlaughterHouseACenterOfHealing

An idea came to me while doing yoga at the Body Actualized Center in Bushwick Brooklyn. They are housed in a building that once was a slaughterhouse in the 1920's. Slaughterhouses used to have tile walls because it made it easy to clean up the blood. Those tile walls are still there. When I look at them, I think how ironic it is that where there once was probably a lot of blood shed and suffering for the animals, now is a center of healing and creativity. It felt amazing to realize the profound "karmic balancing" in this one location. I then had the thought "Why not EVERY slaughterhouse? Why couldn't every slaughterhouse eventually be "re-purposed" into a center for healing. And of course, the answer is "There is no reason why not!" There is a quote (someone please tell me who said it if you know) that one should have a mission in life that is so big, there is no chance you will see it completed in your lifetime. This may be that big an idea. Although, I also hold the possibility in mind that I could see it happen in my own lifetime. I have wanted to do more for the animals who are so horribly abused everywhere around the world. I wanted it to be something that came directly from who I am and how I experience the world. I don't know how this will shape up, but sharing the idea is a great start. The image above is called "Cow Hugs." I don't know the artist's name. If you do, please contact me or leave a comment and I will credit the artist.

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