Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 9 - Year-Long Hand-Lettering Project - Carl Sagan "Somewhere, Something Incredible..."

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Hello and welcome to Week 9 of this year-long, weekly hand-lettering series!

A couple of notes about this week's piece:

The imagery is inspired by a photo from deep space that you may have seen in the last week or so. Scientists saw a black spot on a photo they had of space. When they magnified it, they essentially found even DEEPER space filled with millions upon millions of stars and galaxies - things they had no idea existed before. This really expands one's idea of infinite space, doesn't it? I hope the imagery here gives the feeling of looking at bazillions of heavenly entities out there in our infinite space universe.

And a little about Carl Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996.) He was an American, 20th century cosmologist - that is, someone who studies the cosmos. He wrote 20 books, (including "Contact," upon which the movie was based,) published over 600 scientific papers and popularized science through his many television appearances. He had his own 1980's TV series called "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," which still holds the record for being the most widely watched series in the history of American public television.

Carl Sagan was a pretty cool guy! And this quote by him, which was based on his excitement and reverence for our incredible and infinite PHYSICAL universe, can, like so many truisms, also be applied to anything.

And that includes each of us and our lives.

This statement inspires me in so many ways:

1. It is a call to remain aware that while focus is always good, it is also important to acknowledge all the wonders that we may not even be aware of yet. This is extremely helpful when facing a challenge. It can help to relax us if a solution is not directly at hand; reminding us to keep our mind in a receptive state, which allows for creative solutions to arise.

2. This phrase is also a wonderful way to generate gratitude. It implies how truly abundant our world is. So much so, that we can't even really be aware of it all at once.

3. And one more way this phrase inspires me: It can apply to discovery within one's own SELF. Think about that. There are so many incredible things yet to discover IN yourself and ABOUT yourself, such as: qualities that you may have not given yourself credit for, areas you have yet to grow into, strengths you did not realize you possessed, talents you haven't tried out yet.

It's exciting! It is more evidence that you can achieve any dream you have, even if you don't know how yet. Please leave a comment below and tell us how you are inspired by this quote.

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