Monday, November 30, 2009

Drawing A Day Challenge, "Big Brother Noogie"

So someone on twitter....(I love twitter!) started a sketch a day challenge for herself and I decided to copy her idea (with her permission of course) and today I started my Drawing A Day Personal Challenge. So here is my drawing for today. It is graphite and colored pencil on a sheet of drawing paper that I treated with a's about 10 x 10 inches. I don't know how the image came to me, but I call it "Big Brother Noogie." It makes me giggle a little. btw it looks out of focus or grainy or something. There's some detail that is hard to see....I think that has to do with my scanner. Sorry.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am In Love With Life For No Reason Sometimes

Hi people! Well, it is a very overcast, misty kind of day here in Brooklyn, NY and yet I am in the mood for this weather today so I am loving it! I had some lovely experiences this morning. After twittering for a while Follow Me I'm the Pied Piper! I worked on some earrings for my Etsy shop and then felt a little peckish. That is a cool word that means hungreh! So I bundled myself up and took a walk across the park, Sunset Park, that is, and went to a little bodega I discovered yesterday that had pretty decent basic produce including perfectly ripe avocadoes for 99 cents each! So this morning was my second trip there and I picked up a few things. After I paid the nice lady, she said to me, with a smile, "Gracias, tiene un buen dia!" The spelling may be wrong, but I know she said thanks, have a good day! And what made me so happy about that was that she actually made me feel welcome in her shop. Instead of trying to speak English and maybe resenting it or being gruff with me because she didn't want to let on that she didn't speak English, she just said an ordinary thing to me the way she would to anyone, to anyone of her neighbors and/or friends and it made my heart sing a little.

Then, as I was walking back home, I cut through the Park and the expression on the face of a woman walking her dogs toward me made me turn around. Coming across the park was a mounted policeman (or cop, as I like to really call them) on a beeyooteeful brown horse. A very big horse, whose jaw line was above my head. I actually stopped and watched while the horse and rider passed me. It was a very unusual sight. The horse was absolutely gorgeous. The cop wasn't bad either. The sight of the two of them, together, gave me a little lift.

OK so that's it for now. Hope you are enjoying your day. And ya know what? It is your day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Addicted to Twitter....there are worse things

Hi beautiful people! I was right! I cannot stop twittering! It is addictive. I have all these followers suddenly....ok, maybe not hundreds, but 10...and I didn't know any of them before today! I love this! Come follow me! I'm the pied piper!

Anyway, also, very excited to report that I have two more items on my etsy shop. That makes 8. I'm still making the product and so far they are all earrings for pierced ears, but I have a couple of clip-ons planned. Have a look. Then go back and look again tomorrow. I am really excited about these lovelies that I have been busy as a beaver with in my studio. Click the photos for link to that item. Or just go to and look at 'em all! Or, heck, click on the ad to the right...that is a crazy free ad service that links directly to my etsy shop.

I wonder if I will be up again all night tonight......if so, you can count on a wee hour of the morning post! We shall see....we shall see.....

I Tweet on Twitter and Making a Runes Set

I just started a Twitter page! Its

And while daunting, as most new things can seem, I am beginning to feel how incredibly addictive it will become in my life.

On my Etsy shop, I am planning on creating a Runes set using the same "Drawing On The Moon Papier Mache Technology" that I use to create the earrings that I sell there In case you don't know what the Runes are, a brief description would be to say they are an ancient Nordic alphabet that was used to protect warriors, write poetry and help answer questions like where did your best cow wander off to. In modern times they are useful for understanding unconscious tendencies, the knowing of which may help in a particular, given situation. I have made a few sets out of different materials over the years and I think that a set made of these paper medallions will be cool!

Friday, November 20, 2009 ........My Etsy Shop

Hi people! Well, I opened my Etsy shop. You can find it here:
This photo shows an example of the earrings I have been making. They are 2 inches in diameter, built from scratch by me and are lightweight yet sturdy. This pair is available at the shop right now. I am excited and I hope you like the goodies. I will be listing new items daily, so check back often. See ya later!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good morning, maiden blog voyage, my website

Good morning! It is 4:06 am on Sunday November 15, 2009. I am up. Up, up, up. Not the sleepiest in the least. So, hey I thought...why not start one of those blog things I've been hearing so much about. They are all the rage, I hear.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a visual artist who thinks very deep thoughts, am sometimes moody and brooding. But I am also a very outgoing and social person who loves comedy and can even be pret-teh funny myself at times. I will be making comments on this blog on an eclectic assortment of subjects for years to come. Please read on and be sure to come back for more in a few days or so......

Till recently, I have been pretty much an under-achieving visual artist because first of all, I almost never showed my art to anyone until this past year. And I am way up there in age, people. Had a website for years and never sent the link out to anyone! Now for all the world to see, here it is in case you'd you'd like to have a gander.

I made that site using one of the available templates on the host. Most of the templates were hideous, I thought, so I used just a plain black which I think works nicely. There is a form near the bottom of the home page where you can enter your email address and be put on my mailing list for EXCITING updates and special things just for my contact list. Visually, the design of the form leaves much to be desired, due to lack of options at the back end with the host. But it does the job, so please do fill it out and say "hey!"

Nothing lets me know you care like letting me know you want my fabulous newsletter. It will contain cool things like deep thoughts (special deep thoughts, ones that I won't be sharing with just anyone like here on the blog) and other fun and interesting things.

I am planning a new website in the near future with more recent artwork I've been doing. Plus! Within the next few days, I am opening an Etsy shop with some groovalicious earrings I am making. is the site for all things homemade!!! You will be able to search for me as a seller with the name drawingonthemoon.

So I'm happy. I wrote my first blog post. Thanks for reading it. Please leave me nice comments. Have a mahhvelous day!